YOKOSUKA: Call for Guest Instructors-in-Residence 

The Cheshire Cat appearing in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland drawn by John Tenniel, 1865-66 (detail).

Application is Now Open for Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Artists, poets, performers, curators, and researchers, with experience teaching or developing their own pedagogies and resources, are welcome to apply for a one-month stay in Yokosuka, Japan, between fall 2023 and spring 2024. As a resident, you will be expected to lead a short series of group activities such as seminars, workshops, or embodied and performative platforms. The residency also aims to organise and invite local professionals in your field to engage with the proposal.

0-eA is a post-academic curatorial initiative with a focus on creative unlearning. It mediates interdisciplinary dialogues, publishes periodicals, and offers residency programmes, in which we work collaboratively to broaden our critical horizons and elaborate on theoretical and practical approaches to discursive and other sensory modes of inquiry. In the upcoming years, 0-eA is committed to exploring the agency, affect, and social significance of artistic assemblies and their emergence in the site of everyday life. This focus aims to create a common ground for the gathering of regional actors across various fields of expertise.

YOKOSUKA, a multipurpose group retreat for curatorial experimentation, is launched with this perspective in mind. A 100-year-old wooden family house surrounded by greenery is newly renovated, and extended with a rooftop deck overlooking residential hills and a US naval base. Located in a neighbouring city to Tokyo, the 200-square-metre venue, equipped with a small stage, an open kitchen, a doma, and an engawa garden, is designed for on-site experiences for a group of six to twelve participants. The programme is geared toward situated knowledge, building supportive relationships through interpersonal observation and collective reflection.

As the first batch of residents, each successful applicant will be invited to reside in the premises, one at a time, to activate the programme. The accommodation is open to collectives, including the applicants' peers, partners and family, during their residency. Apart from a stipend of 100,000 JPY, you will receive a weekly delivery of locally-harvested vegetables and a case of mineral water. The residency is hosted by a small team of researchers who will facilitate and assist with the logistics of the proposal, by assembling other professionals relevant to the resident's project. The starting date will be discussed on an individual basis, and possible support for a travel grant may be awarded or negotiated through external parties.

Applicant Profile:

- Experience working with small-groups, e.g., leading a research-oriented seminar/workshop at a university or other forms of self-organised projects such as independently-run exhibitions or street demonstrations.
- Sound knowledge of contemporary art and its discourses.
- Focus on non-verbal communication and alternative methods of exchanging, negotiating and developing ideas.
- An interest in community building and knowledge production translated into artistic forms.

As this is our first open call, there is limited information in circulation. Let us know you are interested, and we will send you more details. Applicants should submit a 500-word proposal and CV to mail@0-eA.art by May 31. We will respond to each submission individually by June 15.

Find out more: 0-eA.art / YOKOSUKA
Contact: mail@0-eA.art (attn: Koichiro Osaka)


0-eA is a not-for-profit curatorial initiative advancing creative practice as a technique to manoeuvre in everyday life.

YOKOSUKA is a multipurpose gathering retreat for curatorial experimentation run by 0-eA. It is currently under construction, due to complete in Summer 2023.

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